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The Harrods Hill Neighborhood Association (HHNA) is a non-profit organization of resident members working together to promote, perserve, and improve our neighborhood as a desireable residential area. The dues to are $35 per year, payable by April 1st of the year in order to be included in the neighborhood directory, but members may join at any time. 

Members may enjoy many benefits, including:

  • A newsletter and periodic email updates
  • A directory of your neighbors, including babysitters, lawn care, etc. (Advertising available!)
  • Social events for all ages (Easter Egg Hunt, Picnic in the Park, 4th of July Parade, etc.)
  • Spring and Fall Garage Sales
  • neighborhood maintenance and improvements, such as mowing the front entrance and planting street trees
  • Active zoning committee, which keeps up to date regarding redistricting, school board decisions, etc.
To join, download and print the membership form below, and mail it with your check to the address on the form.

HHNA Documents:


Membership to the neighborhood pool (Harrods Hill Recreational Club), is available to neighborhood residents and to anyone else who would like to join.  This is a separate organization from the HHNA.  Please see the Harrods Hill Pool website for pool membership information.


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